Sunday, January 4, 2015

1 dress, 5 ways challenge

I was at Target the other week, and noticed a beautiful cranberry printed sheath dress.  I decided to purchase it impulsively, it was less than 30 dollars!  When I went home that night, I decided to wear the dress 5 different ways for the workweek.  I had a lot of fun coming up with different looks each day, and I can't wait to try out more combinations with this super flattering dress!

I wanted to start off the week off with a simple look and really showcase the dress in all of its entirety.  So for the first look, I added a gold belt, pink earrings, and simple brown pumps.  You can also add a bunch of other jewelry to this look,  but I decided to keep it fairly simple.

For the second day, I decided to go a bit more casual, so I threw on one of my most favorite soft 3/4 quarter length sleeve gray Sparkle and Fade sweater to the dress.  The sweater has a very interesting hemline, it curves slightly in the front.  I think the sweater definitely added some dimension to the look.  I also added a beautiful pink rhinestone "statement" necklace to the outfit.  To complete the look, I added some taupe booties, which complemented the sweater really nicely.  One of my favorite ways to change up a dress!

For my mid-week look, I wanted to do something a bit different, so I threw on a full pleated blue skirt to the dress.  I also added a simple dainty silver necklace and a strand of pearls to give it a more ladylike look.  A pair of color blocked flats with silver angle straps completes the look.

For the fourth look of the week, I added a long gray cardigan to change up the dress a little bit more.  Also the long sleeves were perfect because workplaces can get a bit chilly with the air conditioning on!  I tied the look together with a snakeskin burgundy- red belt.

For my Friday look, also known as the casual look, I added a chambray top to the dress.  I rolled up the sleeves and tied the shirt at the waist to give it a more casual and slightly cow-girl-ish vibe.  Finally, I added my favorite pair of brown rugged mid-calf boots.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge, and it was a great way to experiment with different accessories and clothing pieces in my closet.  Definitely a good way to be creative with what you already have.  I'm excited to try this challenge again, but with a different staple piece.

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  1. Great blog! Very creative ways to spice up a dress!