Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sushi Making Soiree

One of my favorite things to eat is sushi.  I can probably eat sushi 3-5 times a week, and not get tired of it.  The only thing is, it can get pricey real quick! Plus, I'm not a big fan of mayo (I detest mayo!) and many of the rolls that are found at restaurants contains too many mayo-based sauces.  Eek.  And I know it gets annoying to ask the waitress if there is a mayo based sauce on the sushi roll... (Also, I'm sure my boyfriend, who can eat anything, gets annoyed from time to time!) My first time making sushi was about a year ago with my boyfriend, and it was so easy and delicious. We ate it three days in a row!! Recently, I showed some friends pictures of my homemade sushi rolls, and they were very impressed! (Actually, only one person was impressed, but that's another story...). I decided to host my own sushi making party, and it was a big hit! It was held at my (tiny) apartment on a Saturday evening, and somehow, I was able to fit 10 or so people, and 3 dogs in my apartment.  I had a lot of fun decorating my apartment, setting it up, buying the ingredients and supplies, and putting everything together.

Some people brought sake, mochi, veggie spring rolls, and others brought sodas, chai tea, guacamole and chips.  It was a delicious spread! After everyone had a chance to create their own sushi roll, we ended up playing several games, including Scattergories and Telepictionary.  It was a lot of fun, and definitely something I want to do again soon! (But different menu, and different host... It was a lot of work)

My apartment before guests started showing up.  I had to rearrange the furniture to make room for everyone.  Also, I had to get creative with seating ;)

Sushi Station 1: rice, seaweed wrappers, tobiko, sushi mat, fresh salmon, hamachi, crab meat, jalapenos, green onions, bell pepper, mango, avocado, and cucumbers.

Drink station: Thai tea, Lychee juice, and Sunkist.

It was everyone's first time making their own sushi rolls, so I had to "instruct".

Zoey in his best outfit, Bryan, Pook, and Cinnamon (my brother and Kasey's dog) in her adorable plaid dress.  Not pictured is Cinnamon's little sister, Basil in another beautiful dress!

Everyone having a grand o' time! If I do say so myself.  As the hostess, I had to create my roll last...

Sushi creations to follow... Which one do you think is the best? Comment below!

And then the games ensued...

Me and the other host of the party! For the sushi gathering, I wore a polka dot dress I found from Crossroad, pink earrings, and my new favorite lipstick (that lasted through eating multiple sushi rolls).

Lots of fun! Lately, my favorite things to do are cooking parties and board games.  What are some of your favorite dishes to make? And board games to play?


  1. So cute! Looks like so much fun!


  2. Thank you, Mel! It was definitely a great time!