Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Casual Day at the Dogpark

Last Sunday, I took my dog, Zoey to the dogpark.  It was a beautiful day, and there were a lot of dogs out.  He had a great time playing and sniffing the other dogs' behinds.  Silly, funny animals.  It was a lovely time, and a simple way to brighten up your everyday.  I'm sure that many dog owners know that the best way to elevate the everyday is to just spend time with your furry friend.  My everyday is so much better because I have Zoey in my life! A dog is definitely a girl's best friend!

For a casual day at the dogpark, I wore my printed drawstring pants from Forever 21.  They are so comfy and cute, but much better than pajama pants when you want to look presentable!  I love printed pants.  These ones fit really well (fitted, not too loose, not too tight), and I definitely want to invest in some more.  I find it difficult to find pants, but I love wearing them because they can be so cute and chic.  I added a gray v-neck sweater, and my favorite (can you tell!?) faux fur scarf.  Since I walked to the dogpark, I wore some brown booties to be a little bit more comfortable ;)

On a Sunday, I don't like to wear too much makeup, but I definitely like to be a little bit presentable.  I wore one of my new favorite lipsticks (a liquid lipstick) and love it!

Outfit details: Printed pants from Forever 21, gray cashmere sweater c/o Crossroads Trading Co, faux fur scarf from Target, brown booties c/o Crossroads Trading Co, nude purse from boutique in Midtown Sacramento, and sunglasses from Marshall's.  Lipstick from Girlactik Beauty in Allure.

Little doggies getting acquainted with each other!  My dog is the black Yorkie Terrier mix.  He's a rescue dog from Chowplus.  Isn't he cute!? (Rhetorical question).  I'll be dedicating a separate post all to Zoooooooey!

All in all, it was a fun and beautiful day! How do you like to dress for a casual day??


  1. Nice outfit!Looking forward to more pictures of Zoey. Sara x

  2. Thanks, Sara!! More pictures of Zoey to follow!