Wednesday, February 11, 2015

100th Birthday Celebration: Blush Tones

If there's one thing I love to do, it's getting dressed up for a special occasion.  I love any excuse to wear something bold and beautiful.  Recently, my dear friend's mom turned 100, and we wanted to throw a birthday bash to celebrate in style.  Unfortunately, my friend and her mom came down with something, so we weren't able to celebrate on the actual birthday. But the other day, I was able to meet up with my friend at Rick's Dinner for some dessert, and then afterwards, we headed to The Hart Center to surprise her mom with lemon cupcakes! It was a beautiful day, and I am so lucky I was able to celebrate Marie's 100th birthday.  (Sadly, I do not have any pictures of Miss birthday!)

Thankfully, Rick's Diner was deserted so I was able to take some of these photos!

Outfit Details:

Crop top by Hera Collection (Found at Krazy Mary's boutique in East Sac)
Gold strappy heels - Bandolinos (Macy's)
Black cardigan - Forever 21

 This is a painting, can you believe it!?

Over at The Hart Center, sitting by a tree.  I love pairing the cropped top with the full, pleated skirt.  The color of the skirt is a nice neutral mauve color that would go well with so many different tops.

Love how swingy and full the skirt is! I was also wearing some pink earrings and a gold necklace from a jewelry subscription bag.

100th cupcake!!! Marie loved the lemon cupcake - she thought it was super moist, flavorful, and delicious! (I used a box cake mix - hehe, I'm no baker!)

How sweet is this necklace? Victoria (my friend) got it for me, since I'm currently on the job search.  I love spending time with Victoria and her mom, they are such sweet people, and I always have the best time.  I am so, so lucky for their friendship!

I'm also curious to know, how would you wear a cropped top?  This particular one isn't too cropped, so it's a lot easier to wear than most crop tops! I hope you're having a great Wednesday, and thanks so much for visiting!!


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    1. Thanks, girlie!!! I'm re-liking it as well!! It's such a beautiful color!

  2. looking pretty! love the skirt!
    following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment!! Yes I'll definitely look for you!

  3. Wow gorgeous outfit!! Love your top and skirt! :)

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    1. Thanks, Nicole!!! Crop tops and pleated skirts are a must for spring :) ... in my opinion, that is!

  4. This diner look so fun! Your outfit is perfect for the setting.


    1. Thanks, Katie!! It is definitely a cute diner, a rarity in Sacramento area :)

  5. Loving the pairing of this skirt & top!

    xo, Michelle Paige

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Love a full skirt and crop top! :)