Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Three Holiday Party Outfits: Classy, Cozy and Chic


Lace Dress (here)
Red heels (Biondini - from Marshall's)

Grey beanie - Found at flea market
Sweater - H&M
Blue scallop dress - TopShop

White Dress - Finders Keepers (from Crossroads Trading Co)
Beanie - Gap

Don't you just absolutely love dressing for holiday parties?

I attended three holiday parties this past weekend, and had a total blast at each one. For the first party, a Classy North Pole Party, I reached for my new teal lace dress. The dress is drop dead gorgeous! The lace details, the neckline, the somewhat full skirt - it was definitely love at first sight! I paired the lovely dress with a nude purse and added a pop of red with the heels. I loved the color contrast especially because it was Christmas themed.

The second party was a more casual White Elephant get-together so I chose to cozy up with an adorable fair aisle sweater, gray beanie, navy scalloped skirt (which is actually a dress!), and casual booties. 

The third party was a White Elephant Christmas Dinner party, so I opted to go somewhat dressed-up with a fitted white dress, red heels, and adorable beanie. I love combining sexy with sweet, or shall I say naughty with nice! Ho Ho Ho - Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope you all have a Happy Holiday season with loved ones! 

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